TALI Sings Lady Gaga, Shares Her Love of Luxembourg & the Story Behind ‘Fighter’ | Eurovision 2024 by Pop Cult Digest (2024)

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TALI Sings Lady Gaga, Shares Her Love of Luxembourg & the Story Behind ‘Fighter’ | Eurovision 2024 by Pop Cult Digest (6)

Pop Cult DigestMay 08, 2024



LaLa Ri and Jessica Wild Spill the Tea on Binge Queens - RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs The WorldJoin us in this exciting episode where we sit down with the sensational LaLa Ri and Jessica Wild, the dynamic duo set to star on the newest season of Binge Queens.The two queens spill the tea on All Stars 8, share their thoughts on the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs The World, and discuss the future of drag and sisterhood within the community.Stay in the loop with Pop Cult Digest:📸 Instagram: @PopCultDigest🐦 Twitter: @PopCultDigest🎶 TikTok: @JackShute3Feb 14, 202417:00Viola's Queen of the Universe Secrets, Drag Race UK, & Dream Trixie Mattel CollabJoin us in this episode where we have the fabulous and talented Viola, a British drag performer and one of the unforgettable contestants from the second season of Queen of the Universe.Viola takes us behind the sequins and stage lights, giving us a glimpse into her incredible journey on Queen of the Universe. She spills the tea on her relationships with the other queens, revealing behind the scenes stories from her time on the show. But it doesn't stop there! Viola opens up about the deeper meaning behind her chosen songs for the show, sharing the importance of representing British queer culture and honouring icons from the UK drag scene, including the late and beloved Cherry Valentine. Her performances were not just entertainment; they were a tribute to the community she holds close to her heart.We also get the inside scoop on Viola's future plans for Drag Race UK and her dreams for the future. Speaking of dreams, Viola reveals her ultimate fantasy: a song collaboration with the iconic Trixie Mattel, a match made in drag heaven. And if all that wasn't enough, Viola treats us to a rendition of "Memory" by the legendary Barbra Streisand, showcasing her incredible vocal talents and further solidifying her place as a multifaceted drag sensation.Follow @playedbyviola for all her latest updates on Instagram! Follow us on: Instagram: @PopCultDigest Twitter: @PopCultDigest TikTok: @JackShute3Jul 24, 202322:51Miss Sistrata on Dramatic Queen of the Universe Exit, Eurovision, and Chicago the MusicalMiss Sistrata, the sensational Israeli drag artist, has recently risen to global stardom, captivating audiences worldwide with her exceptional talent. She recently astounded viewers with her operatic voice on the second season of Queen of the Universe, the exhilarating competition that combines drag and singing. Taking inspiration from iconic Eurovision divas, Miss Sistrata's stage presence is a remarkable one.During this exclusive interview, Miss Sistrata opens up about her unforgettable experiences on Queen of the Universe, both good and bad, as she bravely shares the details of her mental health struggles during the filming process. She shares valuable insights into the challenges she faced, the lessons she learned, and even treats us to a breathtaking rendition of her favourite opera. Additionally, she engages in a lively game of "Kiss, Marry, Kill" with the judges from Queen of the Universe!Follow @misssistrata for all her latest updates on Instagram! Follow us on: Instagram: @PopCultDigest Twitter: @PopCultDigest TikTok: @JackShute3Jul 14, 202331:29Tvorchi on Bringing Unity to Europe, 'Heart Of Steel', and Winning for UkraineWelcome to Pop Cult Digest, the ultimate destination for all things entertainment and Eurovision 2023! In this episode, we're joined by Tvorchi, a talented Ukrainian duo who have taken the world by storm with their unique brand of electronic music. They are representing Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, and they are here to tell us all about their journey so far.In the midst of the ongoing Russian conflict, Tvorchi believes representing Ukraine at Eurovision allows them to promote unity and bring people together from all over the world through their music. In this interview, Tvorchi shares their thoughts on what it means to represent Ukraine during these challenging times and how they hope their music can help bridge the divide between countries.Tvorchi also open up on the meaning behind their powerful song 'Heart Of Steel', which carries a deep message about resilience, strength, and overcoming adversity. Aside from Eurovision, Tvorchi gives us an exclusive sneak peek into their upcoming album and future projects. They also reveal their favourite acts from this year's contest and share what it would mean to them to take home another trophy for Ukraine.Follow @tvorchi_official for all their latest updates on Instagram! Follow us on: Instagram: @PopCultDigest Twitter: @PopCultDigest TikTok: @JackShute3May 08, 202315:24Mimicat Sings 'Ai Coração' & Chicago Hits, Talks on Her Music Journey & Eurovision 2023In this exciting interview, join us as we chat with Mimicat, the talented singer representing Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool with her captivating song 'Ai Coração'. Mimicat opens up about her inspirations behind the song, which is a fusion of pop, jazz, and blues with a unique burlesque twist. She shares how icons like Ella Fitzgerald and the musical 'Chicago' have influenced her style, and how she has been on a journey to incorporate more of her native Portuguese into her music.Get ready to hear all the behind-the-scenes tea from the Eurovision pre-parties as Mimicat spills the tea on her favourite acts this year. But that's not all; she also treats us to an incredible acapella rendition of 'Ai Coração,' showcasing her stunning vocal range and captivating stage presence.Follow @mimicat_music for all her latest updates on Instagram! Follow us on: Instagram: @PopCultDigest Twitter: @PopCultDigest TikTok: @JackShute3Apr 25, 202323:59Loreen Spills the Eurovision Tea on 'Tattoo', Being 'Mother', and Drag Race SwedenIn this exclusive interview, we sit down with the multi-talented Loreen, who needs no introduction to fans of Eurovision. The Swedish superstar, who mesmerized audiences worldwide with her powerful voice and mesmerizing stage presence, is all set to make a triumphant return to the Eurovision stage in 2023, and we were lucky enough to catch up with her to hear all about it.In this candid conversation, Loreen opens up about her thoughts on competing at Eurovision again, and what she has in store for fans in Liverpool. From the stunning stage design to her fellow contestants, Loreen gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put on an unforgettable performance at the world's most iconic singing competition.But that's not all. Loreen also spills the tea on her recent appearance as a guest judge on Drag Race Sweden, sharing her experiences working with some of the most talented drag queens in the business. With her signature wit and charm, Loreen proves that she's not just a phenomenal singer, but a true entertainer in every sense of the word.So whether you're a die-hard Loreen fan or simply a lover of all things Eurovision, you won't want to miss this must-see interview. Join us as we dive deep into the world of Eurovision with one of its most beloved stars.Follow @loreenofficial for all her latest updates on Instagram! Follow us on: Instagram: @PopCultDigest Twitter: @PopCultDigest TikTok: @JackShute3Apr 20, 202318:47Misty Monique: The Drag Superstar of Gloucestershire on how she created a thriving LGBTQ+ sceneMisty Monique is an award-winning Gloucestershire based drag queen and one of the biggest, if not the biggest, drag stars in the county. Yet, she performs all around the UK and has built herself a reputation as a hard working drag businesswoman. Gloucestershire is the only county in the UK without a designated queer venue which leaves the LGBTQ+ community without a safe space to meet like-minded people and be their true authentic selves without the fear of negativity. The last gay bar was The Westgate in Gloucester, which shut down in 2015; this was a recurring theme throughout the UK as LGBTQ+ venues have seen a steady decline. However, despite the lack of safe spaces in her hometown of Cheltenham, Misty Monique has created her very own as she's been at the very heart of what I call the new age for Gloucestershire's LGBTQ+ scene. She has rebuilt a queer scene and a drag community as she hosts and performs at her regular drag shows, Oh My Drag! and Drag Wars. These are the only significant regular drag events in the county and they're getting bigger every single year. Drag Wars is a competition for all drag artists which attracts talent, new and seasoned, from all over the world. Hear all about Drag Wars from Misty and why this year is bigger and better than ever before.May 06, 202226:29Yasmine Gazzal: Stitch, Please! Star talks Blu Hydrangea, cosplay and her costume design journeyYasmine Gazzal is one of the first contestants on the new BBC Three and BBC Northern Ireland TV show Stitch, Please! hosted by Drag Race UK vs The World winner, Blu Hydrangea. The competition show sees contestants compete against one another to create garments inspired by the hottest looks in pop culture. Each episode introduces viewers to a new pair of stitchers who put their sewing skills to the test, and explore their personal stories and passion for costume design. The stitchers have 12 hours and a £100 budget to create looks inspired by the works of some world-renowned costume and fashion designers before going head-to-head and modelling their outfits on the runway. In episode one the theme is The Hunger Games and Yasmine is joined by Katherine as they get plenty of inspiration from the extravagant garments worn by characters who feature in the films and books. Their different approaches to this challenge provided Blu, and Emmy and BAFTA award-winning guest judge Michele Clapton, with plenty to think about when it comes to deciding who is the winner. You'll hear Yasmine spill all the gossip on the show and her own journey. She's an actor, dancer, singer, writer, cosplayer and of course a dress maker. She's multi talented to say the least. So let's hear all about her journey into the creative world.Apr 19, 202254:06Vanessa Van Cartier: Drag Race Holland Winner opens up about her extraordinary lifeDrag Race Holland Season 2 brought us some stand out stars with an entertaining and gripping season. Vanessa Van Cartier came out on top and took the crown home, but her success doesn't end at Drag Race. As the first transgender winner of Drag Race Holland, she is an inspiration to the transgender community as she proves anything and everything is possible, despite the obstacles you may face. Her warmth and integrity touches the hearts of fans around the world, with her international success leading her to win both titles of Miss Continental 2019 and Miss Europe Continental 2019. Although her reputation and success is at an all time high, the journey that has taken her here has been long and challenging. Listen now to hear her inspirational story as Vanessa opens up like never before...Mar 14, 202242:56Djalenga Scott: Chicago's Velma Kelly on West End success, the screen and the stageIf you're a theatre fan then this episode is right up your street, I'm joined by the West End Star, Djalenga Scott. Djalenga is an established stage & screen actress, who has become best known for starring in numerous leading roles in West End and number one UK productions. She's done all the classics in theatre;Maya Vander: Selling Sunset star on miscarriage awareness, motherhood and her successful careerIf you're a fan of the Netflix reality show Selling Sunset, then you're going to love this episode. We're joined by the OG member of the Oppenheim Group, Maya Vander. If you don't know Maya or Selling Sunset, it is one of the most successful reality shows on Netflix and Maya is one of the fan favourite agents. Watching the show, we follow the glamorous lives of elite real estate brokers and agents as they sell luxurious multi-million dollar homes to their affluent buyers in Los Angeles. With an abundance of rich and famous clients, we get to see how the other half live. Of course, the cut throat industry brings competition and with that comes the fights and the high drama. However, Maya somehow finds a way to remain civil with everyone. She loves her family more than anything and her children have always come first, which is why the devastating news of her still birth was completely heartbreaking. Through the difficulties she has had to face, Maya has become an inspiration to many as she used her experiences and platform to help other families with the same grief. I had the pleasure of talking to Maya, listen now to hear what she had to say.Feb 13, 202227:52Enorma Jean: Drag Race Italia's Milanese Queen on HIV awareness and being an Italian iconDrag Race Italia season 1 has just ended, but the domination of Enorma Jean has only just begun. Enorma describes herself as an old, rich Milanese woman who is unmistakable for her selfish, careless behaviour. Are you not intrigued? Well she certainly kept us entertained on Drag Race with her brutal honesty, smart humour and fascinating stories. Her experiences and art have inspired people in Italy and across the world. Enorma faced some online backlash where she was labelled the 'villain' of the season, but has gone on to prove herself as a drag race icon and her love and support isn't going anywhere. What does the queen have to say on all this? Listen now to find out...Jan 01, 202233:20Lady Camden: RuPaul's Drag Race, life as San Francisco's British Queen and stories of balletShe was just announced as one of the cast of the upcoming season 14 of RuPaul's Drag Race US, but she's already a superstar. Of course, it's San Francisco's British Queen, Lady Camden. She is now a Ru Girl who we're about to see all over our TV screens as she takes on the biggest drag competition in the world. Out of drag, she is known as Rex Wheeler, who comes from the world of professional ballet. A fascinating queen, and person, Lady Camden/Rex has so many interesting and inspiring stories to tell. Listen to hear them now! Dec 03, 202145:11Julian Clary: stories on the world of showbiz, 'The Dresser' and his beloved dogsThis episode we have an extra special interview with one of the UK's most loved entertainers. Who else could it be but Julian Clary? Julian began working on the cabaret and alternative comedy scene in the 1980s, although he was known back then as Gillian Pieface and later as The Joan Collins Fan club. Ever since then he has worked himself into one of comedy's biggest names, undertaking many successful tours and other projects which has given him a very impressive portfolio of work. He's an actor, an author, a best selling novelist, a comedian and a radio and TV host. And that's just to name a few achievements of his. And he hasn't stopped there. You'll hear all about Julian's upcoming projects and his new role in the widely celebrated play 'The Dresser'. Listen now!Sep 22, 202121:36A Change of Sex: the story of Julia Grant and the film's director with David PearsonJoin the discussion as you hear from David Pearson, a TV and film director, writer and producer. David is well-known for directing the BBC documentary film series ‘A change of Sex’. This ground-breaking 5 part series follows the journey of the trailblazing transgender woman, Julia Grant. We see her become her true self as she faces all the issues and struggles that come with it. The first episode premiered on BBC Two in 1979 and it was one of the first documentary films about transgender issues. David Pearson followed Julia as he directed the films until the 5th episode in 1999. This podcast episode, David opens up about his films as he touches on his relationship with Julia, the amazing stories that came from filming her and the plans he has for the future. Take a trip into the past as we talk about all that has changed and how far we’ve come.Jul 15, 202144:21Priscilla Queen of the Desert: theatre is back and better than ever with Nick HayesAs we slowly leave the life of lockdowns behind us, the world is gradually reopening around us. What does that mean? Theatre is back! As the stage doors are now wide open, our favourite shows and musicals are back on the road. One of them being ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert: The Musical’, which is currently showing in my hometown of Cheltenham. With such a big show close to home, I couldn’t miss out on such an exciting opportunity. So I got the chance to speak to one of the cast, that being Nick Hayes who plays the iconic role of Felicia. He tells all on the show and what it means to him to be back on the stage- plus more. Listen now to hear it all!Jun 25, 202109:57Tracy Beaker is Back: Dani Harmer on Drag Race, Lockdown and her new BBC showShe’s back! Dani Harmer joins us in this special episode to talk all about her new record-breaking show ‘My Mum Tracy Beaker’. In this episode we discuss all things from Dani’s obsession for RuPaul’s Drag Race to her strange life in lockdown. We also discuss the importance of representation in the media and how ‘The Story of Tracy Beaker’ did this more than most. Will Dani ever guest judge on Drag Race UK? What’s next for Dani and her performing arts academy? What’s Michelle Visage’s new obsession for Tracy Beaker about? Listen now and find out!Mar 03, 202122:16The co*ck Destroyer Revolution: the road to viral fame with Sophie AndersonIn this extra special episode, join the conversation with me and my celebrity guest, Sophie Anderson the co*ck Destroyer. We talk on all things from lockdowns to her new show Slag Wars and her new found online fame. Sophie opens up on what it means to be a co*ck destroyer, working her way up in the sex industry and discusses the major struggles shes faced along the way. You don’t want to miss out on this one...Jan 10, 202151:47Pop Cult Digest TrailerWelcome to Pop Cult Digest! Take a listen to the trailer here...Nov 24, 202000:34
TALI Sings Lady Gaga, Shares Her Love of Luxembourg & the Story Behind ‘Fighter’ | Eurovision 2024 by Pop Cult Digest (2024)
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