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In Palm Desert, California, USA, on the 24th of April 1954, Jack Martin Blades was born and raised. He is best known to the world as a musician, bass guitarist, and singer, and is best known as one of the founding members of the rock supergroup Damn Yankees, as well as an original member of the rock band Night Ranger, among many other successful enterprises. His professional career began in the late 1970s. Have you ever wondered how wealthy Jack Blades is right now, in the year 2017? In accordance with reliable sources, Blades' net worth has been estimated to be in the range of $20 million, a sum acquired via his successful career in the music business

Early life and career

Jack Blades was born in Palm Desert, California, and he loved music from a young age. He got a ukulele as a gift when he was eight and later learned to play guitar. While studying at San Diego State University to be a doctor, he started playing music with members of Sly and the Family Stone. This led him to leave school and move to San Francisco. In 1979, he formed the band Rubicon with Jerry Martini and Brad Gillis, and they had one hit song before breaking up. In the early 80s, he started Night Ranger, and they have put out nine successful albums and still tour. In the early 90s, he created Damn Yankees, which had two popular albums before taking a break. Besides these bands, he also plays with Tommy Shaw in the duo Shaw/Blades and has two solo albums.

Jack Blades Wiki Biography

Jack Martin Blades, who was born on April 24, 1954 in Palm Desert, California USA, is well-known as a musician, bass guitarist, and singer. He became famous as one of the people who started the rock supergroup Damn Yankees, and as one of the first members of the rock band Night Ranger, along with many other successful projects. He started his music career in the late 1970s.

If you ever wanted to know how much money Jack Blades has, by early 2017, he was estimated to have $20 million from his successful music career.

Jack Blades Net Worth $20 Million

Jack first fell in love with the guitar when he was eight years old and got a plastic ukulele from his parents. This was the start of his journey to becoming a successful bass guitarist in rock music. After going to Arcadia High School, he switched to Indio High School in his second year and graduated in 1972. He then went to the College of the Desert in Palm Desert, where he became friends with Pat Rizzo, a saxophonist for Sly and the Family Stone. Their jams introduced him to Jerry Martini. Jack later attended San Diego State University, taking a break from music for a couple of years.

But in 1975, he left college and moved to San Francisco with Jerry. They, along with Brad Gillis, started the band Rubicon. The band released two albums, "Rubicon" (1978) and "America Dreams" (1979), and a hit song "I'm Gonna Take Care of Everything". After Rubicon split up, Jack, Gillis, and Kelly Keagy formed Stereo, which later became Night Ranger. Their first album "Dawn Patrol" (1982) made it to No. 38 on the US Billboard 200 chart. Their albums "Midnight Madness" (1983) and "7 Wishes" (1985) went platinum, adding to Jack's wealth. But their fame declined, and Jack left the group in 1989 to start a new project called Damn Yankees with Ted Nugent, Tommy Shaw, and Michael Cartellone. They released two albums, "Damn Yankees" in 1990 (double platinum) and "Don't Tread" (1992) which went gold, increasing Jack's net worth.

In 1996, he brought back Night Ranger, and since then, the band has put out six albums, such as "Neverland" (1997), "Hole in the Sun" (2007), "High Road" (2014), and their latest, "Don't Let Up" (2017). They also go on tour often to promote their new music.

Jack has released two albums on his own, titled "Jack Blades" in 2004 and "Rock n' Roll Ride" in 2012. These albums have helped increase his riches.

In his personal life, Jack and Mollie have been married since 1977, and they have two kids.

Jack Blades Net Worth + How Get Famous - Gemtracks Beats (2024)
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