Cherry Limeade (Cannabis Strain Review) (2024)

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Cherry Limeade Strain Overview

Cherry Limeade sounds like a tasty concoction full of flavor, and it is! Users enjoy its delicious and refreshing berry citrusy flavor reminiscent of a tall glass of cherry limeade in the summer. It is also well-loved for its potent nature and energizing head buzz. It's a great way for users to enjoy a pick-me-up during the day without feeling tied down.

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Every so often, a strain comes along and blows away the competition. The Cherry Limeade strain is one such example. Northern California is known for producing extraordinary weed. Therefore, it is hardly a surprise that this superstar comes from there. Cherry Limeade is renowned for its refreshing taste, along with its rapid onset. With an exceptionally high THC content, this isn’t a strain for neophytes!

What Is the Cherry Limeade Strain?

Cherry Limeade strain weed is an evenly balanced hybrid strain that’s a cross of Black Lime Reserve and Cherry Pie. Mean Gene, the chief breeder from the Aficionado Seeds firm bred it.

Cherry Limeade won first place in the NorCal Emerald Cup in 2015. It was the fourth consecutive year that a strain developed by Aficionado finished in the top three places. Its Chemdawg special reserve strain won first place in 2012, while Black Lime Reserve finished third in 2013 and second in 2014.

You can expect the high to hit you extremely quickly. Therefore, make sure you are not still at work or about to operate heavy machinery! Users often report experiencing a feeling of euphoria.

It is a cool strain to try when you feel a little stressed out or tired after a long day.

Once you feel the energizing buzz soon after the first toke, you might think you can get a lot of work done. However, once the physical effects hit, you’ll have a VERY different belief! Soon enough, you’ll feel the tension ease away from the muscles. The sedative properties of this strain will have you longing for the couch before long. Some users report total couch-lock.

Cherry Limeade is best used at night time or at least in the late evening. It is a cool strain to try when you feel a little stressed out or tired after a long day. We don’t recommend using it for social occasions. While you’ll initially feel chatty and happy, the intense body high will soon take hold.


The Cherry Limeade marijuana strain offers a gorgeous berry and citrus flavor combination. However, once you get past the zesty sweetness, you should also get earthy and herbal notes. Overall, there are few better smelling strains in the world.

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As alluring as the aroma is, Cherry Limeade somehow manages to taste even better! Users are practically salivating at the thought of sampling this strain; they are not disappointed once it hits their taste buds. The winning combo of lemon and cherry is utterly sensational. The biggest issue is limiting yourself to a sensible amount!


This is where the strain’s Black Lime Reserve traits come to the fore. Cherry Limeade consists of large minty green buds covered with glistening trichomes and orange hairs.

Cherry Limeade Strain Grow Info

We would love to hear from anyone who manages to find Cherry Limeade strain seeds. From what we know, it is almost as hard as finding El Dorado! If you somehow find seeds, you’ll probably discover that it thrives in a warm climate when grown outdoors. Otherwise, you’ll have to take clippings from mature plants to cultivate clones.

There is a lack of detail available regarding how to grow Cherry Limeade. The information you read is primarily based on similar strains. When grown outdoors, it is probably ready for harvest by the beginning of October. Expect a yield of approximately 12 ounces per plant.

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As for indoor growers of Cherry Limeade, the likely flowering time is 7-9 weeks. Its yield is likely around 10 ounces per square meter planted. By all accounts, this strain is best grown in soil if you want to enhance the yield. When grown indoors, keep temperatures on the warm side to replicate the Northern Californian climate.

THC – Highest Content

Cherry Limeade cannabis is not a good option if you are a new marijuana user or have a low tolerance. Its THC level ranges from 17% to 26%, with an average of around 22%.

CBD – Highest Content

Cherry Limeade is very low in CBD, around 0.02%. As a result, there isn’t nearly enough of the cannabinoid to counteract the potent high caused by THC.

Medical Benefits of the Cherry Limeade Strain

As you might expect, Cherry Limeade is ideal if you have insomnia because of its ability to sedate the body and relax the mind. However, this strain is arguably more popular as a stress reliever. As well as helping you feel completely chilled out, Cherry Limeade offers a buzz of euphoria that could make you feel happier about life.

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As such, you can use it to assist with depression as well. Cherry Limeade is also used to boost appetite because users report feeling extreme munchies after use. The only problem is, the high could hit you extremely quickly and cause you to get stuck to the couch.

Possible Side Effects of the Cherry Limeade Strain

The main side effects associated with Cherry Limeade are dry mouth and bloodshot eyes. As it has an extremely high THC level, it is not a strain for newcomers. Overindulgence can lead to dizziness and headaches. You may also experience paranoid thoughts in rare cases if you are not used to such potent marijuana.

Final Thoughts on the Cherry Limeade Strain

Overall, if you require a strain to help you relax and melt away stress, Cherry Limeade is an excellent option.

While it is potentially a great social strain, it is best used towards the end of the evening when sleep is on your mind.

Once you have a toke or two, the fantastic taste will make it very difficult to stick to a small amount. This could prove a problem given the strain’s potency! While it is potentially a great social strain, it is best used towards the end of the evening when sleep is on your mind.

Cherry Limeade (Cannabis Strain Review) (2024)
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